artist statement

Kelly Austin-Rolo is a contemporary artist working primarily in encaustic.

The focus of my work is hinged on the urban, rural and coastal landscapes that I have called home and the ways in which these environments can be transcended, viewed and understood. My abstract art combines elements from the built environment and the natural world. The result is the representation of virtual places that evolve while the works are created. My training as a designer has an impact on the architectural quality of my painting and printmaking. I like to organize the chaotic and the organic in my compositions.

I am inspired by the unending possibilities that creating with different media and wax allows me. From building up...creating texture, to scraping with tools and fusing with a torch and creating smooth, glass like surfaces, every day brings something new. I am constantly learning about wax as a medium and all of the possibilities it grants. I am intrigued by the fragile, and at the same time durable, qualities of beeswax. My work varies from developing transparency and light from within to creating and incorporating depth and texture.

Kelly’s work is an abstract interpretation of space and place, incorporating the rural, urban and coastal landscapes she has called home.